Friday, December 10, 2010

2 Years of Interdependence and Jayátu A Tale Feather of the Golden Eagle

Seasons of Interdependence
 It is hard for us to believe it  has been 2 years already since we launched the Interdependent Project web portal and when we look back on everything that has happened in just 2 years it feels like it should have been twice or three times those 24 months to accommodate the activity!

When the web portal launched it was in the midst of holiday season and we knew that any future anniversary celebrations would have to be integrated into the holiday spirit of the season...those who have birthdays in December know all too well what we mean.

So this year we were fortunate enough to catch a holiday flight on the wings of a Golden Eagle named JayátuSeThInk Media, the parent company of the Interdependent Project, has launched the Jayátu project just this last week.  Who is Jayátu?

Jayátu is a storyteller who has made the commitment to keeping the oral storytelling tradition alive and is making his art available now on the Wild West Web!

Jayátu and the 'art of storytelling' is also going to be featured in volume 2 of the Seeds of Sustainability Education Series. Volume 1: The Marche Sprouting Method was the first branch of the Tree of Sustainability: - Sustain Yourself.  The next branch is the "Path of Beauty".

If the first step on the journey towards collective sustainability is to sustain oneself, then the second one is surely to find ones personal path of beauty - that which feeds your soul, inspires you to live your dreams, and fills your heart in challenging times.   Without taking this step then our lives can be pretty colorless and appear to be dedicated to mundane survival.  Throughout history it has always been the arts and music that keep the human spirit thriving, not just surviving.  And without beauty being nurtured inside ourselves what is it that we truly wish to sustain?  Even if the world was completely powered by alternative, clean, renewable energy sources and 100% organic if humans were stuck in fear and ugly behaviors the planet would not be a better place to live.

Art, music, literary masterpieces, poetry, and storytelling are the showcases of human creativity and the dispensers of beauty into the seen world.  Many indigenous peoples walked a path of beauty because of the stories that were orally passed down generation after generation.  These stories helped them to understand their place on Earth and their interdependence with all life.  The oral tradition almost became extinct with the advent of the written word and the storytellers of modern day are a rare breed of humans who know and understand the magic of a story that is spoken from the heart of the storyteller.

All of us have a story and Jayátu is also a teacher of storytellers.  Volume 2 of the Seeds of Sustainability series will be an educational DVD intended to inspire and guide folks to birth their own storyteller into the world.  We invite you to celebrate this holiday season with us and sign up to attend the Jayátu Debut Holiday Story Event - 'The Big Jump'.

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