Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introducing New Team Member Susan Frank

The Interdependent Project is proud to introduce to all of you our new team member Susan Frank who will be the Executive Administrator of the Community Sphere private network.

Welcome into the interdependent sphere Susan!

Susan Frank lives in Pine, AZ, and is a student in the experiential and self-directed adult degree program of Prescott College in Prescott, AZ, studying management and organization for sustainable community.

She has a varied background from crafty entrepreneurial endeavors to business administration and management, from bookkeeping to book publishing. Her years in Boulder, CO directing an artist cooperative in the 90's left a solid impression of how powerful and creative teamwork can be.

Susan has had a long term interest in sustainable intentional communities and is passionate about the benefits of cooperation. She is thrilled to be involved in a project that brings people together in the name of sustainability.

As the Executive Administrator of the Community Sphere, Susan will be helping members and communities to co-create a strong network where ideas and information will be shared, connections will be made, and sustainable solutions will be discussed and manifested.

Susan says, “I plan to provide as much nurturing and guidance as I can as we learn from each other and grow this sphere into a positive force together. When people unite to accomplish anything with good intentions, the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.”

We are so grateful to have had the universe connect us with Susan because the Community Sphere private network is the heart of the Interdependent Project and having Susan as the Executive Administrator guarantees that we will be able to devote the quality time to getting our first four communities warmly cared for during the stage one development of the platform. Thank you Susan! For more information about the sphere please click here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Link to Interdependent Project Debut Hour

Just in case you missed Monday's debut broadcast of the
Interdependent Project Radio

we wanted to post a link to the archived show that you can download and listen to on demand.

Interdependent Project Radio Debut Hour

If that link does not work use this one

Green Carpet Lounge

In Sustainable Solidarity
Dandarius & the IP Core Team

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Wow - today's first show was a quite a rush for all of us! The Green Talk Network is still working out the system of the new network and there are many features that are still in the works - including the movable audio widgets. We don't know yet when the first show will be archived and available for on-demand listening but we hope it will be soon because we know that many people probably did not catch the noon broadcast. We noticed that it was re-broadcasted a couple times during the day and we hope many of you were able to catch it. We are doing the final editing right now on the next couple of shows and we are stoked about our upcoming shows and awesome guests. We want to thank all of you who caught the show and emailed us with your great feedback! We are in the after glow and celebrating our collective triumph!

Big Heartwaves to you all!

Dandarius & the IP Core Team