Sunday, November 2, 2008

Launch Delay Due to Election

Interdependent Project Website Launch Delayed

We are writing to let everyone know that our website launch has been delayed due to the general chaos, panic, and disorder culminating around the Obama/McCain presidential election.

Our project is not politically orientated, but we have been deeply affected by it in terms of being able to communicate and correspond with the many people, organizations, and businesses that we are working with.

Right now it seems that everyone is holding their breaths and there is an overall tension around the economy and direction the U.S. will be heading. We felt it would be wise to delay the November 11th launch until everyone is able to take a big in-breathe (sigh of relief) and return to the work of building a sustainable reality. We are confident that the torch is being passed and the next generation is stepping into leadership – a grassroots “leader who follows” is emerging at this time. We will keep everyone posted – we are thinking around November 22nd would be good…

See you on the upside…

Dandarius & Team

This whole election has been definitely wrought with peak moments of humor but this is our absolute favorite....

Palin's prank call from fake French president