Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Titans of Transition

Equinox - 12 hours day, 12 hours night - perfect balance at the point of shift...the Titans of Transition awaken as the collective of humanity unites with a shared vision of a healthy and sustainable world. This image is dedicated to these Titans and as we move toward the end of 2009 may we all take time each day to nurture ourselves and strengthen our interdependent bonds.

We know as we awaken to our own personal power to create the world we all envision there will be many who arise from our collective who embody the characteristics that we are all cultivating within ourselves. As leaders of leaders these individuals are upheld among us as our collective voice and will expressed through their words and actions. As we honor them we are honoring ourselves because they represent us. The Interdependent Project would like to invite all of you to share with us the people, groups, and organizations who you feel are worthy of honor and acknowledgment during these times of transition. On the Sustainable Matrix Weavers Network there is a blog post titled 'Titans of Transition' - simply ad a reply to this post with information and photos of those whom you wish to honor - including yourself! We look forward to the emergence...

We would like to honor Shai Agassi as the first Titan of Transition. Please click here to watch videos and read more.

May you all shine brightly!