Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Abundance & Blessings!

Earth Day blessings to you and all Sustainable Matrix Weavers.  

The Earth is abundant and no where is the life giving abundance more obvious then in sprouting.  Seed, sunlight, and water are all a seed needs to sprout into a living source of food.  On this Earth Day spend some time in gratitude for this abundance and then consider helping to spread the abundance by becoming an Interdependent Partner with the Seeds of Sustainability program.  

When you become a partner you will receive 25% of every DVD purchase that you refer AND 10% of all sales get donated to the Green Fire Foundation which is being established to provide infrastructure grants to existing and developing EcoVillages and sustainable communities globally.  

When you click this link and become a partner you will also be adding another 10% from any sales made from sharing SOS with friends and family.     We all can experience Interdependent wealth and abundance by learning to create partners in sustainable trust. 

The Seeds of Sustainability Education Series Volume I:  The Marche Sprouting Method & Living Oils teaches a revolutionary NO RINSE sprouting method that allows you to grow massive amounts of fresh living sprouted vegetables in just 72 hours AND teaches you how to make LIVING oils from nuts and seeds that feed the body enzyme rich acid/alkaline balanced essential fatty oils!  

Learn more about the partner program here and blessed Earth Day to us all!

In Sustainable Solidarity