Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Turning of the Seasons...Happy Spring Equinox

Amazing how time moves forward so swiftly - our last blog post was Summer Solstice and Interdependence much has happened for our team since then and our absence was necessary so that we could recalibrate ourselves to a new reality.  

Today is Spring Equinox 2012 and we are just now able to begin to give attention once again to the online projects that we have dedicated ourselves to.  

Interdependence...when we began this project we intended to create an online multi-media web portal that showcased sustainable solutions.  But more than that we intended to facilitate and co-create new 'interdependent' relations, systems, structures, and models.  

This of course is an ambitious life-long endeavor for even the most tenacious of spirits so we do not judge seeming 'failures' on any kind of short term time line.  We do however insist that we take the necessary time to contemplate and evaluate our experiences through a lens of 'teaching' so that we can identify paths and efforts that we have embarked upon that did not yield the results we were aiming for.  We have been able to discern a great deal from our journey thus far but is our insights of any value to our interdependent family?  We have decided that despite the temptation to 'share' we are going to with hold until 'asked' because in reality there is slim chance that our observations and opinions are going to make any difference if we cast them forth as some kind of 'righteous' viewpoint.  

We can say that in the realm of true 'interdependence' all life systems and entities coalesce and find symbiosis through simple compatibility.  Boundaries between what is compatible and what is not in the natural world are not compromised for any kind of 'ethical' or 'moral' obligation - that realm is the one place where we humans hold sway and is also the primary reason why we fail as a species to understand and live within healthy boundaries and limitations.  

On our journey thus far we have succeeded in identifying incompatible beings, groups, and initiatives that are not inherently 'wrong' or 'bad' - just simply incompatible within the realm that we are operating in.  We have successfully been able to communicate boundaries and sever associations that were incompatible with our aims.  This of course brought about a deep healing within each of us as we rooted out 'denials' that would have prevented us from taking actions that would lead us toward beings and realities that are more compatible with us.  This process has been just as painful as it has been liberating because we are 'feeling' humans prone to attachment like everyone within our species.  

So this learning journey and the processes/energy it has required is the main reason why the 'Interdependent Project' website, blog, and community network has had no real attention put into its online evolution.  We expect this year to reveal much for all humans in terms of priorities and we will continue to stay true to our 'Declaration of Interdependence' in ways that serve our personal evolution and value fulfillment.  We pray the same be true for you!  

Happy Spring Equinox!

Dandairus & SeThInk Media Team