Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interdependent Project Radio Launch Monday January 5th!

This is it - second stage burners on full thrust as we break through the stratasphere and begin broadcasting solutions on the Interdependent Project Radio three days a week at the noon hour on Modavox's new Green Talk Network!

We have been endlessly encouraged by the positive feedback and support we have received and we are proud be launching with all four of the Interdependent Fellowship Organizations and the first four EcoVillages/sustainable communities who are co-creating the Interdependent Community Sphere!

Here is the first week broadcast line-up!

Monday, January 5th - Interdependent Project Radio Debut Hour
Dandarius introduces the Interdependent Project Radio by devoting the debut broadcast hour to a succinct and focused description of what the Interdependent Project Radio and web portal is all about. Featuring music from across the spectrum, Dandarius walks listeners through the Sustainability Matrix and shares more details about the "quality standard" as well as explains the IP brand's guarantee of being a "Fear Free Solution Sphere". Special guest and core team member Robin Marche will join in to introduce the concepts behind the "Seeds of Sustainability" program and a few of the "minds" behind the "Green Talk Network" have been invited to the hour as well. Listeners will come away from this interview with a clear and complete overview of what they can look forward to in the coming months.

Wednesday, January 7th
The Sustain Yourself Show
Special guest interview with Dr. Bradford

The Sustain Yourself Show will be energizing listeners with practical, grounded advice on how to sustain their own personal energy on a day to day basis – physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally. Dr Bradford Keeney, world renowned psychologist, cybernetic innovator, and life force healer joins us in an energy filled interview with Daniel Cavallaro discussing amazingly simple techniques with which we can re-tune ourselves to the energy and vitality we experienced as children.

Friday, January 9th
The Path Of Beauty Show
Featuring the music of Kan`Nal

Since 2004 KanNal has been touring and creating shows that far surpass what people normally expect from a rock concert, while simultaneously reminding us of a time when we lived closer to the earth. They share a deep bond that naturally results when 5 people come together over 2 years, 4 countries, and over 10,000 miles of travel to create a breathtaking new experience for fans of both alternative and world music. Using sounds from all over the world, they blend cultures and time periods together for a soul shaking and moving experience. We look forward to sharing the music of KanNal with our audience.

We will be posting more on the main web portal this week and sending out more announcements and invitations WITH LINKS - please share and invite your friends/family/community to come and "Declare Interdependence" and listen in on January 5th!

In Sustainable Solidarity
Dandarius & the IP Core Team

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sustainable Matrix Weaving...

This past week since the launch has been full of all kinds of activity. Between the sending out of press releases, "Awards of Excellence" packages to the Interdependent Fellowship organizations, and the process of slowly building the platform for the Community Sphere, its good to slow down from a blur for a few minutes with a cup of tea to check in with all of you.

The "Interdependent Day" story:

(If you don't have time for the long-winded version just skip to the bottom but be sure to cast your vote on the new date and give us the thumbs up or down on our choice to change the name)

When this project began we had the vision of initiating an annual global "Interdependence Day" so we checked to see if the domain was available - it wasn't and the sites and activities around that namesake were not at all in alignment with our own vision...

The .org was a military O.I. Operation Interdependence whose mission was to keep the military well supplied with what they called "civilian rations" and the .com was a "Call to Union" Intercontinental Congress...the .net was a politically orientated initiative around the 9/11 incident.

So what were we to do? We wanted to have an Interdependence Day that allowed for a celebration of the accomplishments and coming together of friends/family/community in healthy acknowledgment of interdependence.

What we did was decide to call it "Interdependent Day" (those domains were available) and have the event fall on a day that coincided with Earth time - we chose December 22 - World-Wide Solstice and actually celebrated it last year on that date when we were still in the strategy/planning stages of this project. We moved that date to January 11th for reasons we won't go into here but we feel this needs to be changed as well.

So just this past week we were in a quandary around what to do about the name and the date when a new matrix weaver sent us a nice email and a few simple of them was to change the name from Interdependent to Interdependence - this simple contribution kicked the dominoes and we decided that it does not matter if other org's or ventures exist out there with the same name - right? You let us know - give us the thumbs up or thumbs down on the change in the box to your right....

We also want to change the date now of course and we were thinking of Summer Solstice June 21st - give us the yay or nay on that one. We are in the process of building a team that could actually devote some energy towards anchoring this event into the "collective good excuses for a celebration"

Next Subject:

"INVITATIONS To Declare Interdependence"

Because the main site is a labor-of-love-hand-made-html site where we are managing our content (not a CMS site) we lack some features that make it easy to share and invite people to check it out. We want to make it easy for you to be able to share the site with others so we were kicking around some ideas beyond the "send email with link" obvious solution. We think invitations should be attractive so we were checking into ecards but they are pretty lame in our opinion -unless they are professionally made (like the one's we will have for the IP Radio show)

So we created this graphic that you see here and we want to know if this is an invitation that you would be proud to send to your friends/family/tribe - we could send it to all of you embedded into an email with the link to the site that you could easily forward to friends with a note from you added.....??

We want to make sure that anything we create for you in this matrix is something that you want and approve of so that we don't waste our shared precious please take a moment to let us know what you think of the design and whether or not you would use it to send invitations in the poll next to this post....thumbs up or thumbs down...and most important...PLEASE...IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG or email us if you prefer to share in private - we've noticed that most of you weavers prefer this method from the lack of comments on this blog and our stuffed email boxes.

Other chants and raves.....

For those of you who have had issues with the website, we have duly noted that browsers other than Firefox have some trouble displaying content and assure you we are working day and night to iron out the wrinkles....Don't forget to tell us how awesome you think the site is in the box to the right...(we are milking all the encouragement we can get ;-)

It has been interesting as we build this matrix to work with a core team that is literally spread out across the country, so we look forward to the possibility of seeing one of our team members - Greg Landua this week as he makes his journey west for the holidays! Thanks again for the support and encouragement as we skid sideways across the finish line (or is this just the starting line?) This has been an epic journey so far!

In Sustainable Solidarity


Thursday, December 4, 2008


FINALLY! After months the Interdependent Project site is now LIVE! It happened today at 1:01 pm and these past few hours have been spent doing all the back end work like "web optimization" etc....

We are so proud of the work that has gone into this site!

We will be adding features as we go along...

Here is the Intro Video: