Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tree of Sustainability

Just 28 days now until the official launch of the website! We have been spiraling and spinning the spheres of this project and these past few weeks it has become even more apparent to all of us that never before has there been such a great need and opportunity to bring forth positive inspiration and sustainable solutions!

The Interdependent Project's mission to deliver regenerative mult-media information and world-bridge sustainable solutions into the matrix of our existence has been going through refinement and tuning while we build our site.

Our desire to bring forth information that has been overlooked and under-reported in regards to solutions and innovative ideas that improve our lives and ability to create a world that expresses the highest standards of living is what has fueled us during this whole process of birthing this project into reality. We have discovered that many people within the movement are more than ready to rise to the occasion of delivering this cutting edge information and we are proud of our guest roster for the Interdependent Project Radio show. When the website launches we will have a sneak preview of our guests as well as some great interactive features that will allow the interdependent community to begin co-creating a web portal that will be the one-stop sustainable solutions hub.

The above "Tree of Sustainability" will be the core of our site and shows. The ten branches will each have their own page that will expand into many areas that will deliver a non-stop flow of information and resources that have met the Interdependent Project's content quality standards. Our goal is to deliver the "best of the best" and save people time and effort of searching through the millions of websites that come up under the term: Sustainability

Our core communities of organizations and EcoVillages are coming together and we are excited about the overall excitement and support we have received during this building process.

Heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all who have been contributing to this process and we will be posting more as the launch approaches...