Saturday, March 29, 2008

In the beginning...

The Interdependent Project began zillions of years ago - actually it had no beginning and has no end - ALL THAT IS = interdependence...

We human beings are becoming aware of this and so our human interdependent project began with the very first collectives - family/tribe/community which evolved through various civilization experiments throughout history.

We find ourselves now at a very important juncture in our cultures where we have the opportunity to make more conscious choices about the future direction of our evolution and during the past decades there has been an emergence within our collective to return to a more solid sense of family/tribe/community and seek out sustainable ways of living.

Most organizations in the past have had to focus on educating the public about the nature of our problems in relationship to living on this planet and due to the success of these endeavors most people these days are ready to move toward implementing solutions. There has been minimum coverage in the media about actual real life solutions and the sustainability movement as a whole is scattered across the internet making it difficult for someone who knows nothing to find inspiring information about the progress we are making as a species.

One of the major obstacles in actually living a sustainable lifestyle has been economic barriers that we face when making the transition - our present economy was not built on sustainable principles.

The truth of the matter is that we have an opportunity to reshape our economy through our own demand upon the marketplace. Over the last few decades there has been an explosion of demand for sustainable goods/services/products (ie: organic food, alternative energy, green building) and this trend is not going to slow down. One of our goals is to bring all of this data to the forefront and take the next step in further popularizing these choices because as we all know it is only what is considered "vogue" in our culture that moves the masses. We must accept this fact and use it to validate that we are indeed a "herd" species and come to a comfortable understanding of our interdependence.

Here is our organizations thoughts about the connection between Interdependence & Sustainability

When given only the dual option between dependence and independence, the human spirit naturally strives toward the most ennobled condition (independence) and shuns that which diminishes the sense of self (dependence). Interdependence is a fairly new word, yet it is the word that defines the reality of our world – all life is interdependent. Interdependence provides a third option to define ourselves by, that if chosen, can further evolve our race by allowing us to leap over the barriers of dualistic limitations, thus bringing us closer to our shared goal of excellence and value fulfillment as a species. Recognition of our Interdependence with each other and all life is the first step toward creating a sustainable world and future for our children.

Interdependent = Sustainable
Sustainability = Interdependence

The Mission of the Interdependent Project is to create an organization that promotes, advocates, facilitates, and supports the awareness and creation of Interdependent Communities within a sustainable living matrix.

We hope that you will join us in this noble mission and help to build a more sustainable future....

In Sustainable Solidarity