Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - Year of Building Sustainable Structures & Systems

Some times the term 'Happy New Year" just seems so redundant so we are going to see if 'Have a Sustainable New Year' might work?  Or maybe "Have an Interdependent New Year?  Both imply the same thing in terms of orientation yet interdependence is truly the underlying foundation that all sustainable systems and structures are built upon.  

This year we are going to advance forward a little further into the basic building blocks of interdependent/sustainable systems in relation to the 'matrix network' that allows these digital fonts to embed themselves into this blog post which is linked with the blog, linked to the main website, linked to other websites, linked to website networks, linked to community networks, linked to organizations, linked to causes, linked to movements, linked to at long last - human beings.  
At the beginning of 2010 the Interdependent Project's 1 year anniversary celebration 'Heralded in the Next Decade of Sustainable Interdependence'.  The words on the banner seemed in alignment with the larger movement of the global collective and during 2010 the project went through quite an array of experiences with team members, fellowship organizations, network alliances, and organizations that this project has been promoting, advocating, and linking up with since it was launched.  The experiences were valuable showcase examples of the 'independent' paradigm that is based on win/lose, competition, superiority, pecking-orders, and general human dysfunction and have served a purpose of providing a deeper clarity into why in the world there could be so many solutions and no way to implement them on a large scale.  

One simple answer is the human subscription to the notion 'independence'.  Humans en-mass believe 'independence' is the final and most exalted state of existence.  Even humans who learn words like 'cooperation' and "collaborative' and profess those concepts to be woven into their missions still have not 'unsubscribed' from the independent notion and it is probably demonstrated most clearly in their inability to 'link up' and get beyond the 'not invented here' mentality that keeps them reinventing the wheel over and over.  Not to mention wasting valuable resources on websites that keep ending up on the broken wagon wheel trail across the plains of the 'Wild West Web'...or worse still getting ripped off by charlatan-snake-oil-web-developers that convince the elder generation that if they pay more they will somehow be getting more...but that is another article and subject for later.  

2010 was like a school year for those who have been involved with anchoring in a new paradigm of interdependence and sustainability.  The global economic system has reflected a collapse as the new sustainable structures and systems are being erected.  This transition has been both horrifying and glorious for humans who are riding these waves of change.  

The Interdependent Project is both a 'place holder' and a 'stake holder' in this shift with a mission to showcase and highlight the 'solutions' that are emerging and forge alliances with networks and organizations who are committed to the never ending learning spiral as we weave interdependent systems and structures.  

2011 will be the year of laying the four corner foundation that is based upon not a box with four sides but a planet with four directions that circle and encapsulate our spherical world.   How does that translate to cyber-space and the 'Wild West Web"?  A big lasso and 4 Years...GO....