Friday, April 25, 2008

Launch Pad

Sometimes in life when one moves forward with persistence and perseverance in the face of ridiculous odds a magical thing opportunity for vision to manifest into reality...

During these last two weeks we have been rising to the occasion of an amazing opportunity that has opened up for this project by team building to bring together the "best of the best" within a network of individuals, organizations, and communities to form a core sphere that will reflect the many branches of the sustainability movement.

The occasion?

The launch of a 24/7 global internet radio channel dedicated to the sustainability movement with exclusive focus on solutions.

We thought we would be launching the projects website on Solstice - now things have completely changed and we are moving towards launching this awesome media platform on this day instead.

We will be introducing our partners, team members, allies, and sponsors on this blog as we move forward and doing our best to keep everyone informed. This has been quite a surprise for us and we are on a bit of a learning curve. We appreciate any comments and posts to this blog and will soon have our newsletter updated for all of you who have signed up for the Interdependent Project.

In Sustainable Solidarity

Saturday, April 5, 2008

In Our Beginning

In our beginning…

The idea for creating the Interdependent Project was birthed from the great need that exists to popularize the concepts and lifestyles within the sustainability movement.

There exists an important and untold story within the tales & experiences of those who have been Pioneers of the sustainability movement for the past 40+ years and it is in the telling of those stories that we shall find the deepest well of inspiration that will light the fires of our common desire to raise our standards as a species and recognize our most potent creative power to co-create the world of our dreams. There exists on this planet legions of human beings who are full-on engaged in laying down the foundation for our future and anchoring in what the Interdependent Project will be calling the “sustainable spherical grid” or the “sustainable living matrix”.

The Interdependent Project will be the place where these stories shall be told in a way that allows individuals who have never even heard of the sustainability movement to get a clear picture of what the movement really is about, as well as educate even the most seasoned veteran's of the movement how to recognize their own right place and contribution within it.

Birthing from Clarity…

It is very important to address the issue of separation that exists among all the various groups and collectives present on the planet these days in a way that simplifies the issue rather than complicates it. The Interdependent Project recognizes “separation” as a part of “unity” because that which separates also bonds. To allow ourselves to accept our interdependence means that we allow ourselves our separate individual independence within the whole. This is the evolutionary leap within ourselves that will remove the “threat” from “belonging”…there can be no “whole” without your independent separate self present to perceive it….there cannot be an independent separate self without being dependent upon the unity of the whole…full circle sphere…not that complicated really – Welcome to the spherical matrix of the Interdependent Project